About Bevcorp


Bevcorp is a Dutch based company which has unique non-thermal filtration technology that prolongs the shelf life of fresh milk and fresh juices from days to months. Compared to conventional conservation methods – such as heat and pressure – our proprietary  process does not affect flavour, aroma or nutrition value. This enables us to produce a broad range of superior dairy and non-dairy beverages including, among others, organic milk, raw fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water and cold brewed coffee and teas.

Our Proposition

The issue  The shelf life of fresh milk and fresh juices is too short for it to be shipped internationally. Prolonging shelf life requires product heating, which kills aroma, flavour, and nutritional value. And exportation of non-heated,short shelf life products by airfreight is prohibitively expensive.

Our solution  We deliver fresh milk and fresh juices with undiminished aroma and flavour, high nutritional value and a shelf life that is long enough to allow cost effective global freight by sea. This is a product that is not only cost effective but also on trend: it is fresh, flavourful, fully aromatic and nutrient rich. Moreover, the product is scalable across the globe to markets where fresh milk and fresh juices are either unavailable, are of inferior quality and/or are overly expensive.

Global reach  Through our network of trusted partners and distributors we sell our products all over the world. Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation.

Our brands

<p>Holland Organics</p>
Holland Organics

Premium organic filtered fresh dairy products from The Netherlands.

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<p>Happy Hydration</p>
Happy Hydration

Unrefined, unheated juices with excellent taste.

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